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Chiquita Seaborne

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Tonya Gokita

Family Engagement and Secondary Transition: Collaboration and Preparation
Chiquita Seaborne, Family Engagement Specialist/Special Projects Coordinator, Virginia Department of Education
Tonya Gokita, M.Ed., Secondary Transition Associate, Center on Transitions Innovations


In this webcast, Chiquita Seaborne presents several strategies that practitioners can use to empower families about their role in the transition process.  She offers evidence-based tips to increase home-school collaboration and recommends inclusive practices to promote family engagement.  Finally, she responds to frequently asked questions and provides examples of successful engagement indicators. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of family collaboration and preparation in secondary transition
  • Learn strategies to empower and move families from involvement to engagement
  • Consider the diverse and individualized needs of today’s families
  • Review indicators of successful family engagement 

Presenter Bio:

Chiquita Seaborne is a doctoral candidate at Hampton University. She currently serves as the Family Engagement Specialist/Special Projects Coordinator in the Department of Special Education and Student Services at the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). She supports family engagement initiatives across the Commonwealth and implements evidence-based family engagement practices. 

Ms. Seaborne’s experience in education spans nearly two decades. She has served as a special education teacher/case manager, secondary transition coach, adult education teacher, coordinator of secondary instruction, and coordinator of secondary transition. Ms. Seaborne’s passion for engaging families and students with disabilities led her to collaborate with VDOE and ODU TTAC to host a school division’s first Youth and Family Summit. She currently serves as the Membership Co-Chair for the Division on Career Development and Transition (DCDT).

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