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Workplace Readiness Toolkit

This resource is designed to provide activities to reinforce and embed Virginia's 21st Century Workplace Readiness Skills at home. Workplace readiness skills are personal qualities, people skills, and professional traits that are necessary to maintain employment. These skills are important because they are the most desirable skills employers are searching for in potential employees.

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Initiative and Self Direction Activity Sheet
Work Ethic Activity Sheet
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Activity Sheet
Creativity and Innovation Activity Sheet
Integrity Activity Sheet
Listening and Speaking Activity Sheet
Conflict Resolution Activity Sheet
Customer Service Activity Sheet
Respect for Diversity Activity Sheet
Teamwork Activity Sheet
Efficiency and Productivity Activity Sheet
Professionalism Activity Sheet
Workplace Safety Activity Sheet
Information Literacy Activity Sheet
Information Technology Activity Sheet
Information Security Activity Sheet
Mathematics Activity Sheet
Reading and Writing Activity Sheet
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Strategies to Increase Success Guide
Toolkit Questions and Answers Guide
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Discovering ME! Implementation Guide

This free guide is designed to assist student teams in implementing the Discovering ME! process. Through this process, students with significant barriers to employment will build early, customized work-based learning experiences.

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Career Planning Toolkit

This is a resource for educators and counselors supporting students with significant disabilities through the career planning process. The toolkit uses hands-on activities to help students plan for their careers as they prepare for a successful transition to postsecondary education or employment. The toolkit is a companion resource for the Center on Transition Innovations' Get Ready for Your Career course.

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Additional Resources

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Thumbnail of Start on Success Replication Guide

Start on Success Replication Guide

This free guide is designed to provide guidance in replicating the components of this highly successful school-to-work model.

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