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Karen Akom

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Post-Secondary Transition Begins in Kindergarten

Presented By:
Karen Akom, Ed. D, Secondary Transition Associate, Center on Transition Innovations

Carolyn Cage, Training Associate, CTI
October 26, 2022

The key to increasing graduation rates and positive post-school outcomes, as measured by the key transition indicators (1,2,13, & 14) is to begin the conversation early. Many of the predictors for post-school success can (and SHOULD) be practiced as early as Kindergarten. In this session, Karen and Carolyn will share strategies on how predictors can be implemented at each stage of a student’s academic career, provide tools to reflect on the current level of predictor implementation in a school/division, and share some resources to develop a personalized action plan that they can use to enhance transition planning and post-school success for students with disabilities.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Understand that transition is a process
  • Recognize when transition activities should begin
  • Identify and access strategies and resources to implement transition planning K-12

Presenter Bios:

Karen Akom holds a Doctor of Education (Ed. D) degree from the University of Virginia and has served students with disabilities in grades K-12 in both Virginia and Arizona. As a Division-Level Special Education Administrator, she led efforts to provide outstanding transition services through district self-assessment, collaborative problem-solving, and expanding implementation of transition programs. In her role at CTI, Karen focuses on professional development resources and course development.

Carolyn Cage is a Transition Training Associate with VCU Center on Transition Innovations. She served over 36 years in Norfolk Public Schools Department of Special Education Services as a teacher, Transition Specialist, and Senior Coordinator. She was instrumental in developing the district’s transition program which included professional development for staff and curriculum and activities related to work-based learning for secondary students. As a member of the team at CTI, she serves as the lead for online training, writes publications, and assists with the development of products to support evidence-based practice in transition planning.




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