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Tonya Gokita

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Karen Akom

Practical Strategies to Increase Graduation Success for Students with Disabilities
Tonya Gokita, M.Ed., Secondary Transition Associate, Center on Transitions Innovations
Karen Akom, Ed. D, Secondary Transition Associate, Center on Transition Innovations


This webcast will offer 1.0 CRC credit pending approval.

In this webcast, Tonya Gokita and Karen Akom will share practical tips that educators can use to improve graduation outcomes for students with disabilities. They identify 8 simple strategies to help educators engage students, families, and others in an effort to help close graduation gaps and support post-secondary outcomes. Additionally, they discuss the benefits of graduation, its impact on the future, and steps educators can take to help their students reach the finish line and graduate “life-ready”. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the disparities in graduation for students with disabilities
  2. Know the benefits and impact of graduation on postsecondary outcomes
  3. Learn strategies to increase student success toward graduation
  4. Create a plan to support students and close graduation gaps

Presenter Bios:

Karen Akom holds a Doctor of Education (Ed. D) degree from the University of Virginia and has served students with disabilities grades k-12 in both Virginia and Arizona. As a Division-Level Special Education Administrator, she led efforts to provide outstanding transition services through district self-assessment, collaborative problem-solving, and expanding implementation of transition programs. In her role at CTI, Karen focuses on professional development resources and course development.

Tonya Gokita is a Secondary Transition Associate who is passionate about career development and school-to-work transition.  She received her Master’s degree in Special Education from the College of William and Mary and has taught secondary students with disabilities in both Virginia and Japan.  With over 15 years of experience, Tonya has served as a classroom teacher, department chair, and most recently as a district transition specialist.  She enjoys empowering students, their families, and the educators and community partners who work so hard to support them.


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