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Lisa Holland

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Kendel St. John

Discovering ME: Using a Youth-focused Discovery Process to Build Customized Work-based Learning Experiences
Lisa Holland, Center for Transition Innovations (CTI), Virginia Commonwealth University
Kendel St. John, M.Ed., VCU Rehabilitation Research and Training Center


Frustrated by the limitations of traditional transition assessments or the lack of parent involvement in the transition planning process?   If so, learn about the Discovering ME project.  Through this webcast, participants will learn how the basic principles of the Discovery process developed by Marc Gold and Associates for use with adults to promote customized employment has been adapted for use with school aged youth to promote customized work-based learning experiences.

The Discovering ME project can be used with all students, regardless of their disability label, reading level, and means of communication.  Student information collected through the process can be used to plan relevant curriculum, identify necessary skills to be taught, develop IEP goals, and gather information to build opportunities for the student in their home, school and community which supports early job development.  Included in this presentation will be a discussion of case studies and examples of how this process has been implemented in Virginia with middle school students  as a means of meeting Indicator 13 requirements for state and federal monitoring, increasing career awareness, build opportunities for students to develop job skills, as well as a means of increasing parent awareness and involvement in the transition process.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • summarize specific benefits of using the Discovering ME process as an approach to conducting age-appropriate assessment and transition planning with students;
  • review three meeting format of this project; and
  • discuss how information collected through Discovery can be used to build coordinated opportunities for students in the home, school and communities.


Kendel St. John joined Virginia Commonwealth University’s Center on Transition Innovations in 2014 as a Transition Training Associate. Kendel received a Bachelor’s degree in history and art history from Stetson University, certification in special education from Bridgewater College, and a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from James Madison University. Kendel started her career at Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center serving adolescents and adults in various capacities, including ten years working in the PERT program. She taught in public schools in Fredericksburg City and Rockingham County before spending seven years as the Transition Facilitator for Rockingham County.  Kendel currently lives with her family in Augusta County, VA.

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