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Photo of Justin George
Justin George

A Journey through Accessing Accommodations in a Community College Setting
Justin George, Student


The purpose of this webcast is to provide insights from a young adult who lives with autism spectrum disorders. Justin will share his experiences and suggestions to navigate a community college setting. He will describe how he identified supports on campus, learned time management skills and how to meet his sensory needs in this new environment. Justin will describe how he accessed and used accommodations in a postsecondary setting as well as provide tips for students,  families, educators and other interested learners. 

Justin George is 21-years-old and lives in Chesterfield County.  He attends J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College and works part time at the Faison School for Autism.  Justin is an advocate for people with disabilities.   Among other things, Justin enjoys spending time with time with his family and friends, being outdoors and learning about various facts.  He also loves to participate in volunteer work with amateur radios.  Justin hopes to continue to advocate for others and learn more skills on his journey to becoming more independent.

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