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Shawn Henry

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Chris Filler

Transition Youth with ASD: Tips for Parents

Presented By:
Shawn Henry, Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI)

Chris Filler, OCALI
November 9, 2016

 Students with autism spectrum disorders face many challenges as they embark on their transition paths to employment. Educators, parents and families and other practitioners as well as students may have many questions about the transition process to employment. This webcast will provide tips from experts in Ohio, Drs. Shawn Henry and Chris Filler, regarding the secondary transition process, focusing on youth with ASD. Tips for families as their children and youth with ASD make the transition from school to adult life will be the centerpieces of this webcast. 

Shawn A. Henry is the executive director at OCALI. A major focus of his work is on systems change, advancing statewide capacity to improve outcomes for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Henry holds leadership roles on national and state advisory boards and interagency workgroups involving policymakers, parents, and professionals. Previously, Henry was the program director at the University of Louisville, Kentucky Autism Training Center. He also served as an elementary special educator for students with autism. His Comprehensive Autism Planning System has been utilized in districts across the country.

Chris Filler has worked in the area of Transition to Adulthood at the OCALI since 2007 and has worked with families, professional and individuals with autism and DD for over 20 years providing consulting, training and technical assistance. She has presented for State and National conferences focusing on autism, behavior, sensory processing, transition and parent-professional collaboration. She is a past president of the Autism Society of Ohio.  As the Program Director of the Lifespan Transitions Center at OCALI she focuses on the development of supports and resources for youth and adults with autism spectrum disorders and low incidence disabilities that are transitioning to adulthood. Chris’ current focus at OCALI is with the Employment First System’s Change Initiative, partnering with individuals, families and state agencies to develop an interagency transition framework to support youth as they transition from school to community employment.

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