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Photo of Christine Groah
Christine Groah

Photo of Jan Shea
Jan Shea

Mental Health, College Transfer Students, and Project College Success
Christine Groah, M.Ed., Knowledge Translation Associate, VCU
Jan Shea, CTI


In this webcast, Jan Shea and Christine Groah will discuss Project College Success, an exploratory study utilizing Virginia focus groups, project staff expertise, and survey research on mental health concerns of transfer students from 2 to 4-year institutions of higher education in Virginia.  The presenters will review research on college student mental health, discuss themes identified through focus groups, and share components of a survey that is being administered with transfer students in Virginia.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of the scope of the issue of college student mental health
  • Become informed about the support needed for college transfer students with mental health challenges both locally and nationally 
  • Learn about the themes and voices of students expressed through the project’s focus groups
  • Become familiar with a survey that is being administered to Virginia transfer students

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