Workplace Readiness Skills

Virginia's 21st Century Workplace Readiness Skills are personal qualities, people skills, and professional traits that are necessary for employment success. These skills are important because they are the most desirable skills employers are searching for in potential employees. Skills including communication, teamwork, integrity, problem-solving, work ethic, and initiative are essential for workplace success.

CTI developed a toolkit to assist educators and families with the tools needed to reinforce workplace readiness skills in the home. You can download the toolkit in its entirety or the individual activity sheets.

Workplace Readiness Activity Sheets

  1. Initiative and Self Direction (PDF)
  2. Work Ethic (PDF)
  3. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving (PDF)
  4. Creativity and Innovation (PDF)
  5. Integrity (PDF)
  6. Listening and Speaking (PDF)
  7. Conflict Resolution (PDF)
  8. Customer Service (PDF)
  9. Respect for Diversity (PDF)
  10. Teamwork (PDF)
  11. Efficiency and Productivity (PDF)
  12. Professionalism (PDF)
  13. Workplace Safety (PDF)
  14. Information Literacy (PDF)
  15. Information Technology (PDF)
  16. Information Security (PDF)
  17. Mathematics (PDF)
  18. Reading and Writing (PDF)

Additional Resources