Transition focused resources for students with disabilities, family members, and educators during the COVID-19 closure. Please check out our Publications, Online Courses, and Other Available Resources.

CTI Publications

Promoting Internet Safety Among Users with Autism Spectrum Disorder publication discusses challenges that individuals with ASD and their families may face when navigating the Internet.

Increasing Independent Living Skills for Employment Success publication provides parents ways to help their children develop independent living skills in the home and community.

Virginia Parents’ Tips on Transition Planning publication offers suggestions from Virginia families whose children have experienced the transition from high school to adult options.

Five Fascinating Facts Exploring Technology publication discusses how assistive technology can help students improve their functional capabilities.

CTI Online Courses

Get Ready for College is a free series of online lessons, each focusing on a different aspect in the college preparation, selection, and disability services process.

Work-Based Learning is a free self-paced course comprising three online lessons, each focusing on a different aspect in the development and implementation of work-based learning activities for students with disabilities.

Other Available Resources

COVID-19 ASD Resources
VCU’s Autism Center of Excellence provides resources for individuals with ASD and their Family Members during the COVID-19 Closure. These resources include information packets, videos, and visual tools.

COVID-19 & Virginia Public Schools
Virginia Department of Education offers ready access to up-to-date resources and information about COVID-19 and the steps schools should take to safeguard the health of students and staff.

Transition Services for Students with Disabilities
Virginia Department of Education provides support, information and resources designed to improve the outcomes of students with disabilities in transition from middle/secondary education to postsecondary education and employment.