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Daman Wandke

Why Self-Employment is a Good Option

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Daman Wandke, MBA, Founder and CEO of Wandke Consulting, Wandke Consulting
October 19, 2021

Throughout this webcast, Daman will weave his story of navigating his entrepreneurship journey of building his own company and becoming his own boss. Self-employment is a beneficial option for many people with disabilities as people within the disability community, in general, are great problem solvers due to living in a world not created for us. People with disabilities can use this ability to address and solve problems in the form of creating their own organization. Self-employment also brings the flexibility that many people with disabilities need. Being one's own boss allows an individual to set their own schedule as well as their own income.

People with disabilities often do not feel welcome nor satisfied in most work environments; building a business can solve this issue for the entrepreneur as well as create a welcoming environment for others with disabilities that are hired by entrepreneurs with disabilities.


Daman Wandke, MBA, is the Founder and CEO of Wandke Consulting (WC). Beyond his role at WC, Daman is an instructor at Western Washington University as well as being greatly involved in the disability community. As someone living with a disability, Daman applies his unique perspectives on accessibility to create effective consulting practices for organizations aiming to be more inclusive. On top of his life of disability advocacy and entrepreneurship, Daman is an avid traveler and bicyclist.


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