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Tricia Jones-Parkin

Connecting Discovery to Job Development

Presented By:
Tricia Jones-Parkin, Project Director, Utah State University-Center for Persons with Disabilities
October 28, 2020

Customized employment means individualizing the employment relationship between employees and employers in ways that meet the needs of both. The intent and purpose of the discovery process should always be competitive integrated employment. It is critical to understand the jobseeker’s contributions, skills, and tasks they want to do as well as the level of support needed. At the same time, it is equally critical to understand unmet business needs and how to align that with what the jobseeker can contribute. During this webcast, participants will learn the importance of connecting discovery  to customized job development.  Strategies that can be implemented to improve the transition from discovery to job development will also be discussed.

Tricia has over 20-years of experience working with people with disabilities. In 2011, Tricia collaborated to craft the Employment First Language for Utah and has focused on capacity building and systems change efforts to increase the number of people employed and included in their local communities. Tricia is also the project director for Utah’s School to Work Inter-agency Transition Initiative funded by the Administration for the Employment Systems Change grant. She is the co-state lead for Utah's partnership with the Office of Disability Policy's Employment First State Leadership Mentoring Program. Tricia was the recipient of the National Association of Persons Supporting Employment First (APSE) Dave Hammis Award. 
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