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Elizabeth Mistretta

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Kylan Coffman

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Sara Landis

Systems to Support Inclusion

Presented By:
Elizabeth Mistretta, Principal, Evendale Elementary School
Kylan Coffman, Assistant Principal, Evendale Elementary School
Sara Landis, Teacher, Frederick County Public Schools in Virginia
November 12, 2019
3:30pm - 4:30pm Eastern

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In this webcast, administrators from Evendale Elementary will share systems the school has in place to support all students of all abilities in an inclusive environment. This session will provide examples of ways teachers, service providers, support staff and administration work together on IEP development, service delivery, classroom supports, and data monitoring.


Elizabeth Mistretta and Kylan Coffman serve the community of Evendale Elementary in Frederick County, VA. Evendale is a school-wide Title I school with a regional program serving students with multiple disabilities. Elizabeth has served the Evendale community for the past eight years, three as assistant principal and five as principal. Kylan has recently completed her first year as assistant principal at Evendale. Her prior experience includes positions as an instructional coach, Title I math teacher, and general education teacher. Sara Landis is a Third Grade Teacher at Evandale Elementary.  She is in her fourth year of teaching. Last year was her first year in a co-taught classroom.



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