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Tim Riesen

Instructional Strategies for Acquisition and Maintenance of Customized Job Tasks
Tim Riesen, Ph.D., Utah State University


Employment specialists should understand and be proficient at developing specific workplace supports to ensure a customized employee completes negotiated job tasks. This webcast will provide a review of validated instructional strategies that can be used to develop the workplace supports necessary for job task completion.  Specifically, the webcast will review how to develop a task analysis and use validated instructional strategies that promote the acquisition and maintenance of negotiated job tasks. 


Tim Riesen is a research assistant professor with a joint appointment in the Center for Persons with Disabilities and the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation. Tim’s research focuses on promoting positive employment outcomes for individuals with more significant disabilities, secondary transition, policy, and evidence-based instruction.  He has published articles on customized employment, transition to employment, inclusive education, instruction in applied community settings, distance education, alternatives to guardianship, and interagency collaboration.  He is the co-author of a book on transition, has written book chapters on improving employment and independent living, job coaching, embedded instruction, and research design.


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