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Tips for Employers: Working with Employees with ASD Part 1

Presented By:
Whitney Ham, VCU
Alissa Brooke, VCU
May 21, 2019
2:00pm - 2:15pm Eastern

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This webcast is geared towards employers who are interested in working with employees with autism.  Part 1 of this two-part webcast will focus on what autism is, how it can present in the workplace, common strengths, challenges, and strategies to support employees with autism. 

Key Words:

Job Coach/ Employment Specialist: An individual who has knowledge of the business community and who provides long term, individualized support to individuals with disabilities to find and retain employment; also supports employers to identify their workplace needs and ensure that the employment match between the employer and the job seeker is a good one

Supported Employment: A long term service provided to individuals with disabilities who require support to obtain and maintain community employment, job seekers are supported by a job coach and a funding agency known as Vocational Rehabilitation Agency

Autism: a lifelong developmental disability that affects 1 in 59 children, characterized by challenges with social skills, verbal and nonverbal communication, and repetitive and restricted patterns of behavior or interest such as repeating physical movements or phrases over and over

Competitive Integrated Employment: Employment in the community where individuals with disabilities work around individual without disabilities, make at least or more than minimum wage and have access to advancement opportunities

Vocational Rehabilitation: A social services agency that provides funding for various support services, such as job coaching, to support individuals with disabilities to access community employment 


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