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Carolyn Graham

Barriers and Facilitators to Employment: Research Findings from a National Survey of People with Physical Disabilities
Carolyn Graham, Ph.D., Research Director, Virginia Commonwealth University, RRTC on Employment of People with Physical Disabilities


We know that individuals with physical disabilities face challenges with gaining meaningful employment.  Research has found that major barriers to employment include health issues, accessibility issues, inadequate transportation, and limited social support.  Conversely, we know that access to vocational rehabilitation services, reasonable accommodations, modifications to the workplace, and supports can facilitate access. However, we have limited information on what people with physical disabilities report as their barriers and facilitators to employment.  The RRTC on Employment of Physical Disabilities conducted a national survey asking people with physical disabilities to identify their barriers and facilitators to employment.  They were also asked what their information needs are related to employment.  This webcast will present the findings from this national study and discuss implications for assisting individuals in gaining needed access to employment information.

Carolyn Graham, Ph.D., is the Director of Research. Dr. Graham has been a research methodologist at VCU since 2010. She has worked as a Research Methodologist with expertise in Quantitative Research including: Non-parametric tests, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Multiple Regression, Discriminate Analysis, Factor Analysis, Growth Curve Modeling, and Structural Equation Modeling. Research Designs: Experimental-RCT, Quasi-Experimental, Survey, and Mixed Methodology. Qualitative Research: Grounded Theory, Content analysis, Transcendental Phenomenology, and Case Study. Most recently she co-authored a research instrument for VR Counselors "Making Research Work for VR Agencies" through a subcontract with SEDL for NIDILRR's Employment Knowledge Translation Center.


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