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Susie Rutkowski

Teamwork and Collaboration

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Susie Rutkowski
March 19, 2015
2:00pm - 2:45pm Eastern

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Through a grant from the Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation, Project SEARCH researched over 40 of their program sites that reached 90%–100% employment outcomes.  Project Search gathered a vast amount of information, which could be summarized under five categories:   Teamwork and Collaboration, Intern Selection and Quality Internship Development, Staff Structure and Professional Development, Curriculum and Instruction, and the Job Search Process.  Watch the 3 webcasts to learn more about what Project SEARCH programs do to achieve 100% employment for their interns!     

Teamwork and Collaboration is Part 1 in this part series covering critical information from the researched areas.   As Project SEARCH examined the “High Achieving Sites,” they noted teamwork, collaboration, and communication as keys to their success. This was the common thread and most cited success strategy among all these sites. Open, honest communication and true collaboration were practiced among all the team members.  

Susie Rutkowski is the Co-Director and Educational Specialist for Project SEARCH. Susie is a nationally recognized transition expert with specific experience in program development in career technical education and job development for young adults with disabilities. She served as the Manager for Disability Education at Great Oaks Career Campuses for over twelve years. During that tenure she, with Erin Riehle, co-founded Project SEARCH, a program for young adults transitioning from school to work. Susie has been instrumental in designing the Project SEARCH Training Institute modules and leading replication efforts for new Project SEARCH sites. She speaks and writes on transition-related topics.

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