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Anne Hirsh

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in the Workplace: Understanding and Implementing Effective Job Accommodations

Presented By:

Anne Hirsh, M.S., JAN

March 13, 2014
2:00pm - 2:45pm Eastern

Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis(MS) who want to work have options to consider to enable them to be successful on the job.  This session will inform participants on how individuals with MS have been and can be effectively accommodated in the workplace.  Specifics on if, how, when, and what to disclose if one needs an accommodation will be discussed.  Real-life “situations and solutions”  from the Job Accommodation Network’s(JAN)  follow-up study will be presented.  Participants will gain valuable knowledge about the potential low cost and high impact of effective job accommodation. 

 Anne Hirsh has been with JAN since 1986. She became a consultant in 1988 and then was appointed to Associate Manager in 1994. In the fall of 2007 Anne became JAN Co-Director with Lou Orslene.  Anne has a Master’s of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling and Vocational Evaluation from West Virginia University. In 2006 she received WVU College of Human Resource and Education Laddie R. Bell Distinguished Service Award for her national, regional, and local service to people with disabilities. 

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