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Joey Wallace

Assistive Technology & Transition: Evaluation, Identification, & Acquisition

Presented By:
Joey Wallace, NewWell Foundation
April 6, 2009
2:00pm - 2:45pm Eastern

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Assistive Technology has become the greatest equalizer for people with disabilities in accessing pathways to community living, employment, post secondary education and more. For students with disabilities and families it may not be clear who has responsibility for selecting, managing, and financing assistive technologies. Once a student leaves the confines of the protections of IDEA mandated services what happens to their AT needs? For some students, the only thing preventing successful transition is Assistive Technology.

Dr. Joey Wallace is the Executive Director of the New Well Fund, an organization that provides low interest loans to individuals with disabilities in need of assistive technology. He has expert knowledge of policy and funding issues across the disability field. He provides training and technical assistance on assistive technology to organizations and individuals both locally and nationally. Joey is the author of multiple journal articles, textbook chapters, and topic papers on a variety of disability-related areas. Dr. Wallace has spent 30 years dedicated to the provision of systems change and personal advocacy for all persons with disabilities and their families.

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