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Suzanne Simpson

Assistive Technology & Rehabilitation Engineering

Presented By:
Suzanne Simpson, Virginia DRS
April 23, 2008
2:00pm - 2:45pm Eastern

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Often individuals with disabilities are screened out of the recruitment and hiring process due to a lack of understanding regarding accommodations at the workplace. Human Resource personnel and first line managers have not been trained to recognize the appropriate technology for workers with disabilities and how to access the services. This web cast will feature a Rehabilitation Engineer with the Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services who will demonstrate how their services can help state agencies to provide reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities, Ms Suzanne Simpson will provide a brief overview of assistive technology and how it is delivered. She will share how the rehabilitation engineer works with businesses both public and private to assist them to better invest and serve their employees.

Learning Objectives: - Gain a basic understanding of assistive technology and Rehabilitation Engineering. - Gain information on how to access the needed technology & accommodations for employees with disabilities. - Develop an understanding that an accommodation is an investment in your employees who may have a disability. - Learn how the rehabilitation engineer and staff can provide assessments on the job site and make recommendation for the appropriate technology.

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