Project Achieve

Using Cognitive Support Technology to Assist Women with TBI and/or SCI to Achieve Postsecondary Education and Training.

Funded by the Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative Trust Fund.


Project Achieve is a demonstration research project which provides specialized services to women with TBI and/or SCI who are pursuing higher education or training. Specialized services consist of using Cognitive Support Technology through iPads and individualized apps, peer mentoring, individualized case management and vocational rehabilitation, and assistance with job placement and maintenance. Participants receive compensation upon enrollment and completion of the project, and may keep their iPads upon completion.

To sign up or make a referral, go to, or contact Stephanie Lau at for more information.

Project Achieve Personnel

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Project Achieve - Part 1:Technology Trends in Supporting Women Veterans with TBI and/or SCI in Postsecondary Education - Stephanie Lau and Kelly Ligon share technology trends they have observed while supporting Project Achieve participants as well as apps that have been effective in assisting with academics and executive functioning.

The Project Achieve - Part 2 - Jan Shea and Katherine discuss Katherine's experiences as a student veteran and as a Project Achieve participant. Conversation topics address how Project Achieve has assisted with her academic career, favorite apps and strategies, and suggestions or recommendations for other female veterans in college.

Journal Article:

Lau, S. J., McKelvey, S., Groah, C. H., & Getzel, E. E. (2020). Unique Needs and Challenges of Women Veteran Students with Disabilities: Conceptualizing Identity in Higher Education. Journal of Veterans Studies, 6(3), pp. 101–109. DOI: